tips for making it in business in 2022

The business world is always changing – but especially so after the past few years. So entrepreneurs need to adapt to keep up with the trends and consumer expectations. Here are tips from members of the online small business community for making it in business in 2022.

Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform

When planning an in-person event, selecting the right venue is essential. It’s just as important to choose the right platform when hosting a virtual event. In fact, Mike Allton of the Social Media Hat argues that you should do so before even creating an agenda. BizSugar members also shared their own thoughts on the post here.

Work from Home as a Graphic Designer

With more and more entrepreneurs operating remotely, there are more opportunities than ever to build a business you love. If you’re passionate about design, working from home as a graphic designer may be for you. Holly Reisem Hanna explores how to do this in this in The Work At Home Woman.

Don’t Completely Eliminate Business Travel

Businesses have largely stopped traveling over the past couple years. But there are still situations where meeting with clients or attending events in person can benefit companies. Mahipal Nehra explores the subject in this Decipher Zone post.

Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

Affiliate marketing is becoming an increasingly popular income method for bloggers, content creators, and social media influencers. If you want to boost your income in this area, read this Platter of Gold post by Adeyemi Adisa.

Improve Your Company’s Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talent acquisition is a major challenge for today’s businesses. If you want to compete in a crowded market, you need to find workers in your industry and actually get them to accept job offers. This Hubspot post by Caroline Forsey features some strategies for small businesses to consider.

Learn How Blockchain Technology Is Revolutionizing Everyday Life

Blockchain technology is a major buzzword right now. But it isn’t just a high-tech trend; it is also making an actual impact on daily life. Learn how in this ClassicInformatics post by Swati Sharma.

Consider a Virtual Office

If your business does need a physical office, you may not actually need to be there. In fact, many of today’s entrepreneurs benefit from virtual offices. Learn how to run a business from Bali with an office in London in this Noobpreneur post by Neil Duncan.

Improve Your Blog with a Blogging Network

Since so many individuals and businesses already have blogs, you may need support to make yours stand out. That’s what blogging networks can provide. In this Inspire to Thrive post, Lisa Sicard describes this service and how it can benefit blogs. BizSugar members also shared their own thoughts here.

Improve Your Executive Onboarding Process

Many businesses are looking for and onboarding new executives this year. The way you train and acclimate these important leaders can dramatically impact the success of your business. This Process Street post by Karolina Lasocki includes tips for successful executive onboarding.

Follow These Payment Solution Trends

There are more payment options than ever for businesses today. If you want to get paid efficiently, learning about these new tech options may benefit your operations. This Small Biz Viewpoints post by Harry and Sally Vaishnav offers insights about top payment solution trends for businesses.

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